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Using Data to Improve ESG Engagement

Data analytics has transformed the way that people tackle issues within their industry and profession. There is no reason why it should be any different when it comes to shareholder engagement.  Looking at the data can help in a big way.

That’s the rationale behind launching our “ESG Engagement Dashboard”. We recognized that companies needed a tool to help them analyze – and in some cases, predict – what their largest shareholders expect regarding various ESG-focused topics including engagement, reporting, oversight, policy, and voting.

Our “ESG Engagement Dashboard” was built to solve two problems that companies face with shareholder engagement:

  1. Knowing what matters most to investors as well as what questions will likely be asked during engagement; and
  2. Being able to quickly access investor policies along with their voting history.

Our data-driven insights help prepare a company to speak to the leading issues that are ‘specific to each investor,’ thus making the engagement more productive for both parties while allowing for the company to put its best foot forward.

How does this work in practice?

  1. Voting Data Paired with Investor Rationales – You can see how an investor voted at their past shareholder meetings as the platform provides access to over 8 million voting records, many of which have detailed voting rationales. The voting rationales tend to be extremely helpful in understanding why a specific fund voted in a particular way. It is a unique feature of our Dashboard, as other N-PX data providers typically don’t offer such information.
  2. Descriptive Engagement Case Studies – You can view engagement case studies that provide granular detail about what that particular investor sought during a specific engagement, as well as the outcome of the engagement including policy changes, disclosure enhancements, decisions about voting, etc.
  3. Detailed Investor Profiles – You can access highly curated “ESG Investor Profiles” of your company’s top shareholders that detail ESG priorities, reporting expectations and voting, engagement and voting statistical summaries, team bios and engagement history.
  4. Searchable Voting Policies & Policy Briefs – You can search a ‘digital’ version of an investor’s voting policies along with their latest stewardship reports, policy briefs, and voting summaries.

No other platform offers such a wide array of unique capabilities designed to transform your shareholder engagement program into a comprehensive strategic investor communications asset.  By leveraging the power of AI, ESG Engagement Dashboard provides the real-time data and analytics necessary to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s ESG focused investors.